Electroacoustics and MAO


Teacher : Mario MARY

Ages 8 and up

This class focuses on contemporary (non-tonal) composition and sound experimentation using computer tools.
To compose their electroacoustic pieces, students start by creating their own sounds, recording, editing and transforming them with various software programs. Next, the piece is composed using sound mixing software and, finally, the work is auditioned using a sound projection device with a dozen loudspeakers controlled by a mixer.

For the more advanced, this course also includes mixed music (electroacoustic + voice or instruments).
No previous musical training or knowledge is required.

MAO - Computer-Assisted Music

Teacher : Sacha VANONY

Ages 10 and up

The MAO (Computer-Assisted Music) class revolves around several themes: computer music, sound recording, mixing, mastering, sound synthesis, music for images, real-time processing...

The content of the theoretical and practical courses is designed to provide knowledge of the various tools needed to run a studio (mixing desk, microphones, etc.), as well as composition tools such as virtual instruments (synthesizers, samplers), and the various sound transformation tools.