From age 6

Once upon a time, there were harpsichords, clavichords and spinet instruments, and then one fine day at the very beginning of the 18th century in Florence, Mr. Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the "Gravicembalo col piano e col forte", and the piano was born!

When you hear his voice, no one can resist it: it's impossible not to be entranced, not to be swept away by the cascades of sounds, nuances and boundless colors that unquestionably possess something magical, a kind of intangible, yet existing, real world that can probably never be fully explained in words.

From Bach's "Air sur la corde de sol" to Beethoven's 9th Symphony, from Mozart's Turkish March to the James Bond theme, from Schubert's Trout to Scott Joplin's "L'Arnaque", from Rameau's "Sauvages" to Liszt's "Rêve d'amour", the piano... king of instruments can do it all, arrange it all, play it all in any style: baroque, classical, romantic, modern, contemporary or jazz!

The team of piano teachers, with their exceptionally rich and diverse individual backgrounds, put all their talent and know-how into arousing passion, while also providing the musical and technical means necessary for each student to progress to the height of their abilities. All repertoires, without exception, are covered, and all students take part in concerts, auditions and examinations (not forgetting the practice of ensemble music with other instruments), as well as in external competitions and national and international exchanges proposed by the teaching team!

The new Académie welcomes students in outstanding conditions, with air-conditioned, soundproofed classrooms, all equipped with Steinway & Sons pianos, the Rolls Royce of the piano world.

But BEWARE, dear students, music is a lot like sport in the commitment and sustained, regular work it demands, without which nothing can be achieved!

So take heart, future pianist-musicians... WE'RE LOOKING FOR YOU!

4-hand piano

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The 4-hand piano is a discipline often ignored by the general public, and even by many solo pianists!

Yet great composers such as Mozart, Schubert, Dvorak and Grieg, not to mention the French Bizet, Fauré and Ravel, have written jewels for this unusual formation!

Mozart played with his sister Nannerl, Schubert with numerous pupils and Grieg with his wife...

The Piano 4mains also boasts an extensive repertoire of orchestral transcriptions, making it possible to approach and perform symphonic music to a very wide audience without the need for orchestras.

The practice of 4-hand piano at our academy, starting at the end of the first cycle, enables students to hone their ear and learn to play in perfect synchronization, which is particularly difficult for piano players, and enables them to flourish in chamber music with other instruments.

The greatest 4-hand piano composer of all time is undoubtedly Franz Schubert, who wrote dozens of marvellous pieces for 4-hand piano, the most beautiful of which is undoubtedly the Fantasy in F minor D940.